Mi Escuelita Maya Preschool Teachers

Maestra Maria

Maestra MariaOur Licensee, Owner, and Program Director is Maria Trenda. Maestra Maria is a college-educated businesswoman originally from Mexico. Maestra Maria’s passion for early childhood education started from watching her mother teach young children at their family owned Kindergarten named “AMALIMOGAJC” in Mexico. Her family ran their school for 27 years! Maria was one of the Assistant Teachers for several years until she moved to California. Once re-located to this area she became a nanny and eventually a Spanish translator, an elementary school instructor, and a multicultural educator. Maestra Maria taught Spanish for several years at “Blue Oak Charter School”, our local Waldorf approach school. In addition Maestra Maria is a Performing Arts teacher and has been a dancer for most of her life acquiring her skills from trained professionals both in Mexico and U.S.A. She has taught world dance styles and general performing arts to students of different age groups. During her classes she embraces a multicultural approach to the dance and artistry components of our school; in addition she uses the application of Spanish enrichment while teaching. Maestra Maria is one of our Lead Teachers as well as one of the Performing Arts instructors.

Maestra Maria is professionally participating as a member of the Butte County Local Child Care Planning Council (Butte County Office of Education) and at the Butte College Child Development Advisory Committee because of her love and passion for early childhood education. She is an advocate of equal opportunities for high standards of preschool education to all the children of our diverse community.

Maestra Peggy

Maestra PeggyMaestra Peggy Dev is our Head Teacher, and one of our Lead Teachers as well as one of the Performing Arts instructors. She earned her B.A. from CSU, Chico in Religious Studies with extensive studies in biological science and cultural studies. She received her Early Education Certificate at the Childcare Education Institute. Maestra Peggy has taught many subjects over the last 30 years to a wide age range, and has worked in child care centers and as a Nanny. She also maintained a 20 year career in fitness education and graphic design. Additionally, she has a background in dance and has traveled to many places around the world. All the diverse experiences have helped her to be a better teacher.  Realizing the preschool setting provided the perfect opportunity for her to bring all her knowledge and passions into one place, she joined our team at Mi Escuelita Maya Preschool. She loves dance, art, science, math, nature, the environment, and playing music. She feels blessed to be able to share her knowledge and passion with the children.

Maestra Shenlyn

Maestra Shenlyn Svec is one of our Lead Teachers as well as one of the Performing Arts instructors. She has been a part of Mi Escuelita Maya since Spring 2010. Maestra Shenlyn received her Bachelor's degree in Child Development from CSU Chico in 2012 and fell passionately in love with teaching. From the moment Maestra Shenlyn joined our family at MEM, she has shared her joy for teaching young children and expressed herself through the visual arts at our school. She is a loving, patient, understanding, artistic, and an incredibly creative teacher, as well as a naturally gifted early childhood educator. 

Maestra Blanca

Maestra BlancaMaestra Blanca Reyes was born in Jalisco, Mexico and is one of our bilingual Maestras! Maestra Blanca has lived in Los Angeles, Yuba City and Chico, the latter for over 20 years. She completed her Child Development classes through Butte College. Maestra Blanca is a much loved teacher, she loves working with children, is very artistic and loves to cook. It has been wonderful to have Maestra Blanca grow with us at MEM.

Maestra Cindy

Maestra CindyMaestra Cindy graduated with her B.A. from C.S.U. Chico in Child Development. She has been with MEM since 2018. Maestra Cindy is bilingual in Spanish and English and is one of our Group Teachers. She loves teaching children, is very creative and fun in her teaching approach. Maestra Cindy is a fun, caring, loves dance, animals and feels happy to be a part of MEM’s family.

Maestra Joseline

Maestra JoselineMaestra Joseline is one of our Group Teachers. She was introduced to Mi Escuelita Maya through an internship at Chico State Spring 2019. She became a teacher’s assistant and is now a group teacher for the youngest group. Being a preschool teacher runs in her family! Maestra Joseline’s mamá was a preschool teacher while pregnant with her. Maestra Joseline was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, and came to the United States when she was four years old. She is bilingual and passionate about promoting the Spanish language in her classroom. Maestra Joseline is also completing her degree in Child Development and Psychology at Chico State. Her career aspiration is to become a child psychologist. She is currently involved with a multicultural organization at CSUChico that focuses on academic excellence and community service. Through her past leadership and work experiences, Maestra Joseline has worked with different age groups such as preschool, middle school, high school, and college students. Her current hobbies are bike riding, tending to her succulents, and watching Columbian Telenovelas.

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